Our Company

Our Company

Cypark Resources Berhad (CRB) is an integrated environmental engineering and technology provider.

Transforming dump sites, an environmental bane to an economic and environmental boon is the raison d’etre of our business.

As an environmental technology and engineering specialist, Cypark combines technologies and engineering proficiency, with high-end research and development, to develop systems specifically for restoring brownfields like the Contaminated Land Assessment Remediation and Information System (COLARIS), Sustainable Environmental Restoration (SER) and Groundwater Assessment Remediation and Information System (GARIS).

We have taken our business a step further by venturing into the renewable energy sector. We have transformed the restored landfill in Pajam, Negeri Sembilan into an integrated renewable energy park, an Entry Point Project under the nation’s Economic Transformation Programme. Such a project unlocks the economic potential of landfills, employing landfill by-products like biomass and biogas as well as sunlight to create renewable energy, which will undoubtedly help meet the country’s growing demand for energy.

Leveraging the synergy from restoring landfills to the creation of renewal energy has placed Cypark at the forefront of sustainable development and green energy generation. We are proud to note that the Pajam Solar Park has been awarded by the Malaysian Book of Records as the largest solar park in Malaysia.

At Cypark, we recognise that a balanced enduring approach is needed to ensure sustainability in economic activity, environmental responsibility and social progress. Our commitment to sustainable development is evidenced by what we do. We help to preserve our environment, preventing further degradation to land, water and air with a strong aspiration to help create a sustainable, healthy and economically stable environment for our children and future generations.